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24 Hour Bug Sweeping

Redcap Private Investigations are experts in advanced covert 24 hour bug sweeping investigation services in Essex, London and Hertfordshire. In today's modern world, small video cameras and listening devices are readily available to anyone who wishes to purchase them. This makes it very easy for anyone to bug a room or individual with you being aware. Often these devices are hidden in homes, the workplace such as offices or on individuals clothing. We find in most cases that these devices are planted by people suspecting their partner of cheating or often in the workplace, employees trying to record sensitive information that is valuable to competitors.

Devices such as these can come in many different sizes and shapes which can be easily concealed amongst everyday items. Small Video cameras and listening devices are commonly hidden within furniture or decorative ornaments. Devices such as these can stay hidden for months without a power supply or maintenance work needed. If you feel you being bugged at this current time please call us today on 0800 7797 007 or contact us via the contact form for a discreet and fast response.

Our Private Investigators in London, Essex & Hertfordshire use advanced counter surveillance and bug detection equipment to be thorough for each of our clients. Our professionalism and experience will leave you certain of a bug free environment. We can detect all types of devices including tracking devices, small cameras and listening devices.

24 Hr Bug Sweeping Services in London, Essex & Hertfordshire

Anyone is at risk of being bugged, more often than not our enquiries come from employees & employers or individuals & celebrities from an affluent background. Those at risk from being bugged also include company directors, people involved in criminal cases and Suspicious wives & husbands.

Redcap Investigations can sweep your home, office, vehicle or property thoroughly and quickly to give you peace of mind. We have regular firms who use our 24 hour bug sweeping services in London, Essex and Hertfordshire, to ensure no sensitive information is leaked.

If you think you or home property may have been bugged please be aware of what information you are revealing and then contact us as soon as possible. Our investigators operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we can bug sweep your premises at a time that is convenient for you.

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